Friday, October 24, 2008

Miracle Mineral – Cure To Cancer.

The Truth About What Causes Cancer.

It is believed by most people that DNA damage causes cancer but DNA damage doesn’t have anything to do with cancer development. This deception that DNA damage causes cancer is to trick the population that there is no cure for cancer. This is because FDA and pharmaceutical industries make hundreds of billions of dollars on cancer treatments and would not make profit from cancer cure. The truth is cancer is caused when a special type of microbe gets inside a normal cell, which results in it becoming cancerous.

How Is Cancer Cured?

Cancer can be cured by killing the microbes in the cancerous cells. When the microbes are killed, the cancerous cells won’t die. They will be able to revert to normal cells.

How Miracle Mineral Supplement Cures Cancer.

Miracle Mineral is a supplement with the active ingredient Chlorine dioxide and Chlorine dioxide is a molecule that kills microbe. For Miracle Mineral to get to the cancerous cells, it needs to bind with DMSO to carry the Miracle Mineral through the skin into the bloodstream. When the Miracle Mineral gets there, it will kill the microbes leaving the cancerous cells to revert to normal. For further instructions to cure cancer with miracle mineral supplement, download and read Jim Humble books “The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century”. His first book is free.

Where to get miracle mineral supplement

You can obtain the Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble’s official website .


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Miracle Mineral Suplement cured my GF's tooth ache in one minute flat!

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